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September 2010

cats launches market data and settlement services

With it's pan-EU expansion cats faces new challenges in new markets. To service the needs of Issuers and Order Flow Providers alike, cats has developed two new products: cats-mdh and cats-settlement

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August 2010

New Issuers and Order Flow Providers join cats

We are delighted to announce that DZ Bank has chosen cats as its new partner utilising both the Request for Quote (cats-os) and Limit (cats-ls) platforms. DZ Bank plan to commence trading in September 2010.

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July 2010

Improved Execution Quality

The trusted relationship between cats-ls and the Issuer trading engines leads to an extremely high execution success rate. An element of that success has been the management of partial orders which has been particularly important in volatile periods where Issuer volumes are quickly depleted.

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