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September 2010

cats launches market data and settlement services

With it's pan-EU expansion cats faces new challenges in new markets. To service the needs of Issuers and Order Flow Providers alike, cats has developed two new products:

cats-market data will provide a pre- and post- trade market data subscription service to reflect real-time off-exchange market conditions. During September 2010 cats will commence testing with initial partners SIX Telekurs, and TeleTrader each of which will capture and deliver cats-data in appropriate formats to dedicated customers.

Until recently cats partners initiated trade settlement instructions on a bi-lateral basis. To increase the netting ratios and provide instructions in new markets cats can now create settlement instructions for the Agents of each partner. Proving data in a netted, aggregated or single transaction feed utilising the SWIFT network and our existing market interfaces will allow improved direct settlement and where required a CPP input.