• 1994

    Crossmar commenced trading for CitiWarrants as issuer and Citi Bank as order flow provider.

  • 1999

    Expanded to other market makers.

  • 2004

    Business responsibility moved to Global Markets Deutschland.

  • 2006

    cats-ls limit trading commenced.

  • 2007

    MiDlD opens EU markets, counterparties in Switzerland, Czech Republic and Portugal comence trading.

  • 2009

    Pan EU strategy initiated.

  • 1994 Crossmar developed the first prototype with a VT100 interface and automated rate feed with a manual ticket printer providing a trade record
  • 1995 Initial launch of trading for CitiWarrants and Privatkunden as Order Flow Providers
  • 1996 DAB bank and Citibank Privatkunden used cats-os to provide their customers with live executable bid-ask prices and volumes
  • 1997 many e-brokers moved into internet trading, embedding cats-os into their websites
  • 1998 Expansion continued during the boom years and cats-os expanded from Germany to include Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bahrain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Japan with broker numbers rising to 114 in 13 countries. Increased functionality enabled larger trade requests to be processed, with customers and traders interacting in real-time
  • 1999 Goldman Sachs started on cats-os - the second of many market makers
  • 2002 new technology interfaces allowed market makers to integrate cats-os into their own trading platforms to enable greater synergies and STP advantages
  • 2003 cats-os witnessed a period of consolidation during the market slow-down, as its market maker numbers decreased to six
  • 2004 Business responsibility migrated from Crossmar NY to Global Markets Deutschland and thus to the heart of its customer operation
  • 2006 cats-ls limit trading commenced with BNP Paribas, CitiWarrants, Brokerjet and S-Broker
  • 2007 MiFID opens EU markets. Counterparties in Switzerland, Czech Republic and Portugal commence trading
  • 2009 pan European strategy initiated
  • 2011 go-live France (March 2011) and NL (November 2011)
  • 2012 launch of cats-mdp, the market data portal of cats
  • 2013 launch of cats-conditional orders
  • 2014 Boerse Stuttgart cats GmbH; launch of Binck turbos
  • 2015 New cats Portal
  • 2016 cats replacing TIQS as interface to EUWAX QLPs
  • 2017 cats is classified "RTO"